Unit 9.  Adding or deleting software (II)

Adding Windows XP components

We can modify the components installed in Windows XP either because we do not need them and we want to delete them to free up space on the hard disk or because we want to install a component that was not installed before.

To do this click on the Start button and choose Control Panel

Click on Add or Remove Programs option, a window will display with the three basic options shown on the left side of the picture, then clic on Add/Remove Windows Components.

You can see a list of the components available. From this list check the component you want to install or maintain. If you do not want to install all the options of a component, click Details and choose the ones you want.

If any of the components appears with a shaded slot, this means that not all of the options of this component are selected, and consequently the complete component will not be installed.

If you want to remove a component that is installed simply uncheck the box.

Once the components that you want to install are selected Click Next and then on Finish.

Beneath the list of components we have the total hard disk space needed to install the new components that we select, and last of all, the total hard disk space available.

This information can be very usefull, especially if we are tight on disk space, because this will keep us from trying to install components that will not fit.

This is an example of the window that will appear if you select the component Accessories and utilities and you click on Details..., and then you can select one accessory and see its details.



To practice these operations we suggest you do the Exercise Windows XP Components


  Exercise for Unit 9.


 Evaluation for Unit 9.


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