Unit 8.  Configuring the Mouse (II)

pointer Options


On the Pointer Options tab we can change the speed of the pointer. To change the speed of the movement of the pointer select the section Motion.

If you check the next box, Snap to, the pointer will go to the predetermined button when you open a dialog box. This option is used to minimize the mouse movement since the pointer will appear on the button we will click on most of the time.

In the section Visibility we have the option Display pointer trails.

With the option Hide pointer while typing the pointer will disappear as you type and as soon as the mouse is moved it will appear again.

The option Show location of the pointer when I press the CTRL key is useful to find the pointer when inactive or on smaller screens.

To practice these operations we suggest you do the Exercise pointer Options




The Weel tab is used for a mouse that has a small wheel in between the two buttons and is used to move up and down a page.

In the section Scrolling you can choose what function the Weel will have.

There are two options: One screen at a time and The following number of lines. With the first option you select the number of lines it will scroll up or down.



On the Hardware tab we can see information related to the hardware configuration of the mouse.

The Devices: section shows the name and type of drivers installed.

In the section Device properties we have the information of the manufacturer, location, and state of the driver.
It the state of the driver is bad, you can use the Troubleshoot... button that will help you find the problem with the driver.

With the Properties button you can access more information on the mouse and you will be able to change the driver of the mouse.

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