Unit 7.  Configuring the Screen (II)

Screen Appearance


How to customize the windows in Windows XP.

Click with the right mouse button somewhere that has no icons on the desktop and select the option Properties from the shortcut menu that is displayed.

The Display properties window will appear where we can change the configuration parameters.

Select the tab labeled Appearance on the Display properties window.

On the Windows and buttons list select which style you want.

Then select one of the Schemes offered to you from the Color scheme list.

In the box Font size choose the the size of lettering that you like.

Once all changes are done Click OK.


How to customize the windows with themes.

A Theme is nothing more than a way to group the different characteristics that affect the appearance of WindowsXP by giving it a name. This way we can change the theme with a single click.

Select the tab labeled Appearance on the Display Properties window.

From the Theme: list choose the theme you prefer. On the bottom part you can see how it will look.

If you wish to save the changes, select my Favourite theme and click Save as... , then name it and Click OK.

Resolution and colors


We can choose the amount of Colors with which our monitor will work with.

Depending on the monitor and the graphics card, you can choose the colors you like best. To choose the Color quality you want, open the Color quality list and pick the one you like.

With the Screen resolution we can choose the resolution.

The resolution affects the size of the images. Adjust the screen area bar and the size of the screen will change. You can see the preview above. Once you have chosen the resolution you like Click OK.

To see the Advanced options click here.

To paractice these operations we suggest you do the Exercise Configuring the screen


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