Unit 5.  Searching (II)

Searching for hardware


If your computer is connected to a network, this option will be useful since it will allow you to access the resources that are shared by other computers within the network. A printer that is connected to another computer, for example, can be used by your computer as long as you have the required permission.

To use this option you need to do the following:

Click Start.

Select the option Search.

Once the window has opened choose Computers or people and then A computer on the network, and the next window will open up.

The way this window works is similar to the way we search for files; the only important difference is that in the box Computer name: you need to properly type the name of the computer you are looking for, otherwise it is probable that it will not find it.

Once found you will be able to access it by double-clicking on it.


To Practice these operations we suggest you do the Exercise Searching for hardware


Searching for People


If you have Outlook or another similar program it is probable that you have an address book, which is like an agenda. This option allows you to search for the name of a person in the address book.

Click Start.

Select the option Search.

Once the window is open select Computers or people and then People in your address book, the following window will open.


On the box Look in: we need to indicate if we want to search in the address book of our computer or in the address book of other people through Internet, which will appear by clicking on the arrow to the right.

Next we need to indicate some search criteria, such as name, the email address, the phone number, etc. If we enter various criteria it is necessary for them to coincide in order to show the result.

Once entered we can click Find now to begin the search.

If you wish to delete the search information that you entered to do another search, click Clear All.

To practice these operations we suggest you do the Exercise Searching for People


Searching on the Internet


Display the Start menu and select the option Search the Internet from the Search menu.

Having done this, an Internet search page will open up, such as MSN Search or Surway.com, which will allow you to look for particular pages online. Simply type the address and click on search.

The other option to search on the Internet is much less complicated. It consists of typing what you are searching for on the Address bar of Windows explorer and then clicking on the green arrow to the right.


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