Unit 4.  WindowsXP Explorer (VI)

Knowing the types of files


To know the type of files registered in the computer and know with which program they open with, simply select the option Folder options... from the Tools menu.

Select the tab File types

On the window that appears we have all of the types of files that our computer can open. If we select any of them, the details of the program with which it opens will appear.


If you want to add a new type of File or change the program with which we open any of them click here .

This can be useful, for example to change the program that opens the text documents with a TXT. extension that are normally opened with the Notepad, but it can be more useful to have them open with Microsoft Word or WordPad.


Arranging Folders

To arrange the files and folders contained in a determined folder follow these steps:

Place the cursor on the folder you wish to arrange.

Display View menu and select the option Arrange icons by.

When the menu is displayed, the different ways you can arrange will appear. Select the one you want, for example by size.



To learn a quicker way to arrange the folders refer to page II on this unit where the view Details is explained.

To practice these operations we suggest you do the Exercise Arrange Folders


Modify Windows behaviour


By double-clicking on a folder, does another window open to show the content of that folder? If this is the case it could turn out to be a bit annoying because many windows will accumulate. Windows gives you the option to modify this occurence.

1) Select the option Folder Options... from the Tools menu.

2) On the tab labeled General. On the section Browse Folders check the option Open each folders in the same window.

You can also modify the mouse to open a folder. It can be changed so that you only need to click on it once instead of a double-click.

1) Select the option Folder Options... from the Tools menu.

2) On the tab labeled General. On the section Click items as follows you can assign only one click or a double-click, as you prefer.

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