Unit 4.  WindowsXP Explorer (V)

Files and Folders Properties


Both files and folders have their own characteristics, for example size, location, date of creation, attributes, etc.

To know the characteristics of a particular file or folder we need to:

select it and choose Properties option from File menu,


click on it with the right mouse button ans select the option Properties from the menu that is displayed.

A window with several tabs will appear. Depending on whether it is a folder or a particular file, the tabs that appear will vary. For example, in the case of a folder the following tabs will appear:

The tab labelled General contains information on:

Type: Describes which type of element we are dealing with. If it is a file it will also include with which application it opens.

Location: Where it is kept.

Size: The size both in Megabytes and in bytes; if it is a folder the size will be related to the size of the files it contains.

Contains: If it is a folder it indicates the number of files within it.

Created: The date in which the folder or file was created.

Modified and Last Access: Characteristics of the files, modified saves the date the file was last modified and last access the last time the file was opened regardless of whether changes were made or not.

Attributes: These are the attributes that have been assigned to the file or folder. The attribute Read-only allows to only read but not to edit. The attribute hidden makes the file or folder invisible and the attribute modified will indicate if it has been modified after its creation.


The tab Sharing contains information on the permission that is given to the other users of the network on our files and folders.

If you would like to know how to share a folder click on this icon

The tab Customize allows changing the properties of the file or folder.

Showing hidden files or folders

To see all hidden files ans folders you must:

Select the Tools menu and the option Folder options....

Select the tab View.

On the window the option Show hidden files and folders must be checked, if not click on it.

Click OK.

You can also restore the predetermined values by clicking on Reset All folders.

If you want all the folders to have the same appearance you click on Apply to All folders.

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