Unit 4.  WindowsXP Explorer (III)

Selecting Files


If you wish to select a single file or folder you simply need to click on it. This way any operation you perform will only apply to the selected file or folder.

If you wish to realize an operation on several files or folders, Windows Explorer will allow you to select several elements at the same time.

To select consecutive elements

Click on the first element and then click on the last element while keeping Shift key pressed. This can also be done with the mouse. To do this, click on the left of the first element (but not on it) and, without letting go, drag it. A frame should appear that shows the area that the frame encompasses. Continue dragging until all the desired elements are within the frame, then let go of the left mouse button..

To select several elements that are not consecutive

Select the first element and continue to select the desired elements while keeping the Ctrl key pressed.

Creating and Deleting Folders

To CREATE a folder we need to place the pointer where we want the folder to be.
Open the folders that we have by clicking on the + located to the left of the folders.

If we click on the plus sign of a particular folder it will display and show all of the folders contained in it and the plus sign will become a minus sign -; this will take care of retracting the folders displayed, or hide the content of the folder selected.

Once we have the folder that we want open we will select it by clicking on the appropriate folder .
Open the menu File, select the option New and then select the option Folder.

Now we can view on the bottom right window a new folder that has the name New Folder. This is the name that Windows gives new folders by default. In the event that it finds another folder with that same name, it will subsequently name the new folders New Folder(1), New Folder(2), etc...
The name of the folder can be changed, but we will see how to do that later on.

If you look at the two images below, you can clearly see how Windows explorer changes when a new folder is created.

This is the image that Windows explorer shows before creating a new folder.

This is the image that it shows after a new folder has been created. The folder that is highlighted is the new folder that has just been created within the folder p_aulaClic

To Delete a folder, first place the pointer on it.
Once the folder has been selected go to the Standard bar and click on or you can use Delete.
When we delete a folder or file, by default Windows will move it to the Recycle Bin. The settings can be changed so that it deletes it completely. We will talk about this later on.

The Recycle Bin is nothing more than a space reserved on the hard disk so that in case of having deleted any element it would be possible for us to retrieve it.

To practice these operations we suggest you do the Exercise Create and Delete Folders


Deleting Files


To delete a file we follow the same steps to delete a folder, but instead of selecting a folder select the file you wish to delete.

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