Unit 15.  Windows Help

The help that Windows XP incorporates is designed to solve some of the questions regarding the use of a Windows XP component or tool.

Windows help is composed of a series of pages that are similar in navigation as the pages on a web site. It also incorporates the typical backward and forward arrows that are a characteristic of the web navigators. You also have tools to search information about a particular theme from key words and key phrases.

Remember that the first help that Windows offers is in the form of small windows with a yellow background (tooltips) that appear by placing the pointer for a few seconds over the majority of the icons on Windows.

For tooltip to appear we need to place the cursor on top of an icon and leave it there for a few seconds without moving. This help is usefull when we do not remember what an icon is for; the tooltip gives us a good hint.

The main way to obtain help is facilitated by the help center and technical support. As we will show you, it is important to mention that the screen will vary depending on where you look for help.

The first window that we will now see is the one that appears when help is asked for through the start menu, but there are many places where you can get help by clicking Help. For example form the control panel, calculator, WordPad, etc.

In some cases, for example on the Control Panel, the Help center and technical support will open offering you help related to where you opened it. Sometimes a window specific to the area where you asked for help will open offering you the necessary guidance.


Ways to look for help

To access help click Help and technical support from the Start menu.

Windows help incorporates various types of searches depending on your needs.

On the Main Page, as you can see on this image, you have the information organized in various points that include the areas that most frequently require help.

You can click on each point to obtain help on the subject.


Search. If what you are searching for is not on this screen you can use the Search box that appears on the top part. Type the word that best describes the help you are looking for and click on the green arrow.

If you would like to see how to get help step by step through search click here.


Index. Another way to search for help is to consult the help index. This index is orgranized alphabetically.

To consult the index click on the icon on the help bar. A screen will open so that you can write the word you are looking for. The index will place itself on that word and you will be able to choose the subjects that you need.

If you would like to see how to get help step by step through index click here.


Technical support.

If you have not been able to solve your problem you can ask other people for help; Windows provides you with three types of technical support.

1) Ask a friend to help.

Through instant messenger you can get in touch with someone you know and ask for their help to solve your particualr problem.

2) Get help from Microsoft.

You can ask for help from the technical support team at Microsoft under some contractual stipulations.

3) Go to a Windows Web site forum.

In these forums the participants ask and answer questions. One can learn a lot by visiting these forums. No one, however, can guarantee a satisfactory answer in a determined amount of time.


If you would like to see how to get help step by step through technical support click here.



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