Unit 14.  Windows Media Player (II)

The CD Player


To play a CD you use the option audio CD. With it you can listen to a CD as well as copy songs from a CD to the hard drive.

Normally the multimedia player will start up automatically when we place a CD in the computer.

The window you can find when listening to an audio CD is similar to the one shown below.

This window will show you the song list that the CD contains and at the same time shows you the name of the song, the singer, and the length of the song.

To play a song on the CD simply select it and click Play button.

Copying a CD

We can copy a music CD onto the hard dis or simply the songs that we like best to add on to our list.

To copy a CD we need to check the box that is next to the song that we want to copy and then click on Rip music.

When it begins to copy the songs it will show you the progress of the process.

If you want to copy the entire CD you need to select all the songs (Ctrl+E), and click and then click on Rip music.

The folder where the songs are saved to is usually in c:\My documents\My Music but we can tell it that we want to save them on another folder. To do this before you click Rip music display the menu Tools and select Options...

A window similar to the one shown will open.

To indicate where we want it to copy the songs we have selected we can click on the Change... button, then we will tell where we want it and click OK.

We can even change the quality with which we want the music to copy by dragging the bar Audio quality.

One of the new features is the capability to copy a song while listening to it, although this increases the copy time.

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