Unit 13. Scheduled Tasks (II)

Customizing a task


To customize the running of a given task, on the Scheduled tasks window right click with the mouse on the task and select Properties option from the drop down menu.

This will cause a dialog box to open like the one shown here.

The section Run: shows the name of the application that will run with this task, in our case the disk cleanup.

On this section the most important thing to mention is the box Enabled; by checking this box the scheduled task is active, meaning that when the moment comes for the task to be run it will run, so long as it is has not been canceled.

On the Schedule tab we can modify when we want the task to be performed, for example the start time and how often we want it done.



If we click on Advanced... a window will open like the one shown here.

This window allows us to indicate from which date until which date we want the task to be performed; we can also indicate how often within that time period we want the task performed, such as for example every 10 minutes.

You can also indicate the maximum amount of time that you allow the task to last.

On the Settings tab we can control the incidents that occur when the task is being performed.

It is important to indicate the maximum amount of time that we allow a task to last so that we avoid having the computer processing a task longer than expected. To do this check the box Stop the task if it runs for: and indicate the maximum allowed time.

It is possible that we do not want a task programmed for a given time to run at that moment because we are working and this could slow the computer down considerably.

To avoid this we can indicate that the task be done only if the time of inactivity is higher than the time assigned. To do this check the box Only start the task if the computer has been idle for at least: and indicate the minutes.

You can also set up so that when the equipment is used again the task being performed pauses, and we can even set it so that the equipment will activate to do the scheduled task (box Wake the computer to run this task). You can also set it to start or not start if the computer runs on battery.

As you can see, WindowsXP gives us great flexibility when scheduling tasks.


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