Unit 13. Scheduled Tasks (I)

The Scheduled Tasks is used to schedule any program to run at specific times.

We can, for example, schedule the use of the Disk Cleanup for once a week; this way we make automatic the tasks that we usually do periodically. We can also have the computer do this task at times when it will not slow our work down.

Schedules tasks


To use this tool follow these steps:

Click on Start.

Display the menu All programs.

Select the menu Accessories.

Open the menu System Tools.

Lastly select the option Scheduled Tasks.

When it is running, a window like the one below will appear. In this window, the tasks that have been scheduled until this time will appear, together with the assistant to schedule new tasks.

How to generate a scheduled task

In the Scheduled Task Wizard window select Add scheduled task, and the wizard will begin.

The assistant will ask you to select the program that you wish to run, showing a dialog box like this one.

Next click Next and you will be asked to select the frequency at which you want the task to be performed.

Next click on Next and it will allow you to select some parameters related with the frequency selected. If you, for example, choose weekly, it will ask which day of the week you want the task done.

Once all the parameters have been indicated, click Finish so that this task is added to the programmed task list.

If you would like to see with more detail what we have seen here click here.


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