Unit 12.  System Tools (IV)

Restore System


This tool is in charge of restoring the Windows registry, which is the place where all the information about changes to the configuration is kept.

The system itself makes a copy of the registry every once in a while. So with this tool we can restore some of these copies or we can generate a new copy of the current registry when we are going to make important changes to the configuration of the system. This way we can easily go back and restore the system if the new configuration does not work properly.

To run this application select, from the Start menu, All programs, Accesories and System Tools and then choose System Restore.

When you run this tool a screen like the one below will appear. This window gives you the possibility to either Restore my computer to an earlier time or Create a restore point.

How to restore system to a previous stage: A window will appear with the following content.

Select the restoration point you want: first select the day that appears in a dark color and then select the restore point. Within any given a day you can have several restore points. Once selected it is not necessary to use any application or make changes to any file. Once the copy has been restored Windows will give you the option undo restore.


Creating a restore point.

To generate the restore point you will be asked to give a name. We suggest that the name you give be a name that is easy to identify.

Next click Next so that the copy of the registry will start.

The screen that will appear will have the content shown here.

Once you have given a name to the restore point click next and a window will appear that will show you the name given to the point of restore and the date on which you created it.


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