Unit 12.  System Tools (III)

System Information


This tool, as its name indicates, is in charge of showing information regarding the system, such as the installed applications, the drivers, the processor, etc.

Here you can find usefull information, such as the models, versions, and manufacturers of your computer´s programs and hardware.

There is also more specific information that is only for use by experts, such as the E/S, Ports, etc.

To use this application from the Start menu, click All Programs, Accessories, System tools and then choose System Information.


Below is the window that will appear when you use this tool.





On System information window you can see on the right side the information of the selected element on the left side. By clicking on + each category is displayed.

This image, for example, shows us a system summary.

On Hardware Resources it shows us the addresses of the physical components.

On Components we have information about components related to Multimedia, Web, Ports and Storage.

On Software environment we can see the installed applications, installed drivers, the tasks being performed, and the programs that begin when we turn the computer on. It even shows the print jobs done.

On Internet Settings we can see information about Internet Explorer and what version it is.


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