Unit 12.  System Tools (I)

Windows incorporates certain tools such as the Disk Defragmenter, the Disk Cleanup the tool to free disk space, the Scheduled Tasks, etc. Almost all of these tools are designed to optimize the behaviour of the computer.

Next we will learn in more detail about some of the most useful tools.

The Scandisk


This tool is used to search errors in the system´s units and to repair those errors.

When the computer is turned off in an abrupt manner it is possible that some files may be damage. Normally when the computer is turned on after being turned off abruptly (without using the option shut down from the Start menu) the Scandisk is launched to check the system and repair any error that it may find.

This tool is usually used when we have a damaged disk. By using it we can fix the possible errors and therefore retrieve the information that it contains. Keep in mind that this tool is not a miracle worker and therefore it is not always possible to retrieve the information.

To open Scandisk click on the icon My Computer on the desktop, and the screen shown here will open up.

Now select the unit that you want to perform the scandisk on, for example unit (D), and right click it.

A shortcut menu will open, like the one shown select Properties from this menu.

This will cause the window Hard disk (D) Properties to open. Select Tools tab and the window shown on the right will open.


If you click Check Now... , the window Checking hard disk (D) will open.

Here you need to choose one of two options available: Automatically fix file system errors or Search for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

Click on Start so that the scan can begin. This process can take a few minutes, depending on the size of the disk.

Once the scan has finalized a confirmation window will appear.

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