Unit 11.  Configuring the Printer (III)

Printer properties


Through the printer properties we can control the orientation of the paper, the number of copies to be printed, etc. Next we will explain in detail all of the options.

This window can vary according to the type of printer that we have installed, but all of them have more or less the same appearance and options.

In the General tab we have the following:

In the sections Location and Comment we can write a brief description of the printer.

Next we can see the characteristics of the printer and on the bottom part we have two buttons.

The Printing preferences... buttom shows some windows that will be shown next.

The second option allows you to verify that the printer prints correctly; to do this, simply click Print test page.

After this, another dialog box will appear asking if the test page has printed correctly; in the event the answer is no, help will appear to try and help you solve the problems.


On the screen Printing preferences click on the Setup tab, from where we can control the following options:

Orientation. The orientation of the page can be portrait or landscape.

Print quality. This refers to the quality of the print, whether it is Best, normal, or FastDraft

Paper Type. Choose among different paper qualities.

Paper Size. This refers to the size of the paper you are using on your printer.

These options, like all the rest, can vary with the model of the printer that we have installed.

These images correspond to the properties of an HP psc 1200 series printer. The properties of your printer can vary, but the basic options will be the same.

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