Unit 11.  Configuring the Printer (I)

The printer is one of the most used peripherals. In this unit we will learn how to install and configure a printer.

Installing a Printer

As we have already seen in the unit before, it is very easy to install new hardware, such as printers, since the majority use Plug&Play technology. This allows the operating system to recognize the new printer by simply plugging it in.

Nevertheless, in some cases we may need to do the process manually. When we plug a printer into our computer it is necessary to install the appropriate drivers so that our computer will recognize it.
Next we will learn to install a printer manually and to customize it to our needs.

Open the Start menu

Select the option Printers and Faxes.

If you do not have the option Printers and faxes on your Start menu, you can also reach it through the Control Panel, option Printers and other hardware.



A screen like this one will appear.

If you select a printer on the contextual panel to the right it will show you the options that you see here: Add a printer, See what is printing, Select printing preferences, etc.

These tasks are the ones that are usually needed to handle a printer.

Now, click on the icon Add a printer to launch the assistant that will help you install a printer.

The assistant will be asking you questions such as if your printer is connected directly to your computer or if it is on the web, to which port it is connected to, and then a screen like the one shown below will be displayed so that you can choose the manufacturer and the type of printer so that Windows can install the appropriate software.

You can also use the disks provided by the manufacturer, if you have them, or search for the drivers through Windows Update.

In this unit´s advanced page you have this entire process in detail.

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