Unit 10.  Adding new Hardware (V)

This is the Properties screen for the HP psc 1200 series scanner.

We are in the General section, which gives us general information about the camera.

In this case we can see that the hardware is working properly, but in the event it were not, we could click on Troubleshoot... and this would take us to the Help center and technical support window where we can launch a scan to find the problem.

Nonetheless, when a piece of hardware is not working properly it is very probable that it is due to some drivers installed improperly or not updated.

We should therefore click on Driver tab to try to fix the problem ourselves.


On this screen we have the basic information on the driver and the button Driver Details... which will show us more information.

As we mentioned before, it is possible that the problem will be solved if we install a more recent driver. To do this click on Update Driver... this will launch an assistant similar to the ones we have talked about.

If the problem is still not solved by this point we can uninstall the driver and reinstall it. To do this click on Uninstall. Even though many times we cannot explain why uninstalling and reinstalling solves some problems.

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