Unit 10.  Adding new Hardware (III)

In order to detect the installed hardware, Windows uses an assistant to facilitate the instalation of any physical components.

On this first window the wizard will ask if we have the CD with the appropriate drivers. If we do, it recommends that we close the assistant. To continue, follow option b.1 from our last point.

If we want to continue with the assistant click Next.

Once the assistant has started, it will try to detect the hardware automatically. If the hardware is not Plug&Play, it will not be able to find it and we will need to ask it to show a list to indicate the type of hardware we are referring to. (mouse, modem, graphic card, etc). Next a screen will appear like the one shown here displaying the models of the selected hardware.

Once the model is selected and you have clicked on Next, the driver will be installed.

This process consists of several steps that we have summarized. If you would like to see the details click here

To practice these operations we suggest you do the Exercise installing Windows XP elements


Installing a camara

WindowsXP allows you connect a myriad of hardware easily. As an example we are going to see how to connect a digital camera.

There are constant improvements on digital cameras. Being able to directly connect the camera to the computer is one of these improvements. To do this, select Control Panel from the Start menu and click Printers and Other Hardware. Next click on Scanners and cameras, and then on Add camera (you will find it on the left side of the screen). The asistant will start; simply follow the steps to complete the instalation.

If you want to see this unit in detail click this icon.

Updating the drivers with Windows Update

When we want to check if there are updates for the drivers, we can look on Microsoft´s web page which is in charge of this matter. To do this select the Control Panel from the Start menu and click on Windows Update (you will see it on the left of the Control Panel). From here on out follow the instructions that you will see on the web page. Windows will show you the updates available, so you can choose the ones you wish to install. When a manufacturer detects a flaw in one of their drivers, the manufacturer will usually correct it and place the new version on the Internet so that the users can download it. Many manufacturers inform Microsoft so that it can include these updates on its web page. To be able to use this option you need an Internet connection

If you want to see an example with Windows Update in detail, click on this icon.


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