Help Exercises Unit 8: Configuring the mouse

Exercise 1: The buttons

The exercise 1 asked us to Configure the mouse for left handed users and to reduce the double-click speed

1 Select the Control panel from the Start menu.

2 Select the option Printers and other hardware, then double-click on the icon of the Mouse.

3 On the Buttons tab click on the option Switch primary and secondary buttons and drag the speed arrow to the left.

4 Click OK.


Exercise 2: The mouse pointer


The exercise 1 asks us to selct a pointer options Windows Inverted.

1 Do steps 1 and 2 from exercise 1

2 Select the Pointers tab.

3 From the Scheme list select Windows inverted.

4 Click OK.


Exercise 3: Configuring


The exercise 1 asked us to make the pointer have trails.

1 Do steps 1 and 2 from exercise 1.

2 Select the Pointer Option tab.

3 Check Display pointer tracks from the Visibility section.

4 Click OK.


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