Help Exercises Unit 4: Windows Explorer.

Exercise 1: Creating a folder structure

The exercise will ask us to do the following folder structure.

1 Place yourself in the drive that you will create the folder structure.

2 Display the menu File

3 Select the option Folder from the menu New

4 Name it my folder

5 Double-click on it to select it

6 Repeat steps 2 and 3

7 Name it my exercises.

8 Repeat steps 5 and 6

9 Name it Exercise1 and click anywhere on my exercises name to select it.

10 Repeat step 6

11 Name the new folder Exercise 2

12 Double-click on it to select it..

13 Within this folder create two more folders named Ex 21 and Ex 22

Exercise 2: Deleting files or folders


The exercise 1 asks us to create a document called nom 221 and save it in Ex 22

Since we do not really care about the document we can create an empty one.

1 Place the cursor into folder Ex 22

2 Right click on the background of the folder content.

3 From the menu select the option New and select the option Microsoft Word Document.

4 Name it nom 221.

For exercise 2 follow the same steps as in 1

For exercise 3 we are asked to delete the document nom 222.

1 Select document nom 222 (click on it)

2 Click on

For exercise 4 we are asked to delete folder Exer 21

1 Select folder Exer 21

2 Click on

Exercise 3: Copying and Moving files or folders


Exercise 1 asks us to copy document nom 221 to the folder Exercise 2

1 Select the document nom 221

2 Click on

3 On the new window select folder Exercise 2

4 Click OK

On the exercise 2 it asks to move the folder Exercise 2 to folder Exercise 1

1 Select the folder Exercise 2 on the window to the right.

2 Click on

3 On the new window that is displayed select the folder Exercise 1

4 Click OK

Exercise 4: Having several copies of a file in a folder

This exercise asked us for the following folder structure.

1 Place the mouse on the unit in which you will create the folder structure.
Open the menu File.
Select the menu New and the option Folder.
4 Name it Access2000.
5 Do the same for the other folders.
6 Once created go to Access2000.
7 Open the file menu and on the option New select a text document.
8 Name it document1.
9 To copy document1 to the folder Excel2000 select document1 and press Ctrl+c (to copy), then place the pointer on the folder to copy to and click paste.
10 Once you have changed the name of document1 to doc1 paste again to create another copy and name it doc11.

Exercise 5: Searching for the last created file

1 Open the Windows explorer and go to a folder that has several files.
2 If you cannot see the properties of the files, view the details.
3 If in the attributes you cannot find the creation date, open the menu VIEW and select the option Choose details and check the box Date Created.
4 Click on Date created header to orden files by date.

Exercise 6: Organizing Folders

The exercise asks us to create the following files in the folder Ex 22.








1 If you do not have this structure, create it (see exercise 1 on this page).

2 Go to folder Ex 22

3 Select the option Microsoft Word Document from the Menu New.

4 Name it.

5 Once created all files open the menu View.

6 Choose the option Arrange Icons by --> Name.

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