Help Exercises Unit 3: The Desktop

Exercise 1: Shortcut to the calculator

The exercise asked us to create a Shortcut to the calculator that is the file calc.exe

1 Go to the desktop.

2 Right mouse click on the desktop.

3 Choose the menu New.

4 Select the option Shortcut .

5 Click Browse

6 Select the drive C

7 Double-click on the folder of Windows, then Windows32

8 Search for the file named calc.exe.

9 Click Open

10 Click Next

11 On the name box write My Calculator

12 Click Finalize.

Exercise 2: Changing the time


The exercise 1 asks us to change the time to 12:12:12

1 The first thing is to go to the clock and double-clicking on it.

2 Go to the digits that mark the hour.

3 With the arrows change the hour.

4 Next go to the digits that mark the minutes and adjust them like you did the hour.

5 The same will be done with the seconds.

From the exercise 2 it asks us to change the date to 14 of October of 2005.

1 Go to the month box and adjust it.

2 Go to the year box and do the same.

3 On the calendar below select the day by clicking on it.

4 To change the Time Zone click on the arrow that is next to this box.

5 Allow it to adjust to daylight savings time if necessary.

6 Click OK


Exercise 3: Adding a desktop bar


To add a desktop tool bar.

1 Go to the Windows task bar, but not on the buttons.

2 Click on the task bar with the right mouse button.

3 Select the option Tool bar . A list of tool bars will appear.

4 Select the tool bar named Desktop.

5 It will appear next to the task bar.

With this bar we can access the same things we can from the desktop.

To remove the bar.

Repeat steps 1 through 4.

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