Help Exercises Unit 14: Windows Media Player

Exercise 1: Creating a playlist

Exercise 1 asked us to create a playlist called My list

1 Display the Start menu and select All Programs.

2 Then select the Windows Media Player .

3 Select the option Media library and click on New playlist from Playlists menu.

4 In Playlist name: write My list and Click OK.

The exercise 2 asked us to add 2 songs to My list .

1 From the Media library select the two songs that you want to add with the right mouse button.

2 From the shortcut menu select Add to playlist .

3 Select the list called My list and Click OK.

Exercise 3 asked us to delete one of the songs from My list. .

1 In the Media library tab select My list and then right click the song that you want to delete.

2 Next press Delete from Playlist

Exercise 2: Copying a CD

Exercise 2 asks us to: Insert a CD, select the 3 songs that you like the most and copy them to a folder named songs; this folder should be located in c:\temporary

1 Make sure that this folder exists in C:\temporal; if it does not, create it.

2 Insert the CD and select the option Copy from CD or RIP tab.

3 Mark only the 3 songs that you like best.

4 Select Options option from Tools menu.

5 Click Copy Music or Rip Music tab.

6 Press Change... button and look for c:\temporary\songs and click on OK.

7 Click on the button Copy Music or Rip Music.

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