Evaluation Unit 8: The Mouse

Exercise 1.

Choose the correct option:

1 How can you change the function of the mouse buttons?

A) The configuration is set by the manufacturer.

B) Through the mouse properties.

C) It is necessary to open the mouse and change some cables; only a technician can do this.


2 How can you display the properties of the mouse?

A) Clicking with the right mouse button on the desktop.

B) Displaying the Start menu and selecting the Control Panel, next Printers and other hardware and then Mouse.

C) I can not.


Exercise 2.


Choose true or false.

A) Windows allows us to adjust the double-click speed to our liking.

B) The type of pointer is determined by Windows.

C) It is recommended to change the configuration of the mouse in laptops since sometimes it is hard to see the mouse.


You can find the answers here.



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