Evaluation Unit 7:The Screen

Exercise 1.

Choose the correct option:

1 How can you set a picture of your own as background?

A) You cannot, only an image from the list.

B) Pasting it to the Desktop

C) Opening the properties of the Screen and searching for the image.


2 How can you keep someone else from working in your account when you have left the computer on.

A) You cannot.

B) By activating screensaver with password.

Exercise 2.


Choose true or false for each statement.

A) A screensaver is not really usefull, it is just for decoration.

B) The choice of background or wallpaper is important since you will be spending a long time in front of the computer and a bad choice can be bad for your eyes.

C) You can configure the time it takes for the screensaver to appear.

Exercise 3.

Choose the correct option:

1 How can you change the screen appearance?

A) Select from the Configuration menu the Control Panel and then Screen options.

B) Right-click on Desktop and select Properties.

C) Both are true.


2 How can you change the resolution of the screen?

A) With the buttons on the monitor.

B) In the Settings tab in the Display properties window.

You can find the answers here.



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