Evaluation Unit 5: Searching

Exercise 1.

Choose the correct option:

1 To search for hardware on the network you need to:

A) From the Start menu choose hardware from the menu Search.

B) From the Search menu select the option Computers or people and then choose A computer on the network.

2 If you are looking for a file named John...

A) We only get files named John.

B) We get files that contain the name John, like Johnny for example.

C) Option B, but we also get folders.


Exercise 2.


Choose True or False for each statement.

A) If you look in People in my address book and you put the name of a new person and the email address, you will get as a result the people with the same name or with the same email address regardless if they are named the same.

B) When I look for a file or folder I can only see it, I cannot change or delete it.

C) To look for computers in the web I need to have the name written properly and completely.

D) Searching in All files or folders allows us to indicate size, date of creation, modification, last access, and it allows us to indicate the type of file to search for, etc.

You can find the answers here.



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