Evalutation Unit 4: The Windows Explorer

Exercise 1.

Answer true or false:

1 To delete a folder we use the button and to delete a file we must use the delete option from the Edit menu.

2 The button allows us to go up a level.

3 With the we always go back to the previous window.

4 Moving a folder consists of copying the folder and then deleting the original.


Exercise 2.


Choose the correct option:

1 What needs to be done to create a new folder in My Documents?

A) Go to the File menu, open New and select Folder.

B) Option A, but we need to be within the folder My Documents


2 To change the name of a folder, what do you need to do?

A) The same steps as to change the name of a file

B) Select the folder with the right mouse button and click on Rename.

C) The two options above are both correct


Exercise 3.


Choose the correct option:

1 From the following buttons, which one is used to copy and which one is used to move.

A) The button is to move and the button is to copy

B) The button is to move and the button is neither to copy nor move.

C) Neither of the buttons is used to copy or move.


2 To make a selection with multiple consecutive elements which key must remain pressed:

A) Control

B) Shift

C) Neither

You can find the answers here.


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