Evaluation Unit 15: Windows help

Choose the correct option:


1 Windows help can solve any problem.

A) True

B) False.


2 Windows help includes tutorials on certain tools.

A) True.

B) False.


3 I can look for help by subjects ...

A) Yes, on the main page and on the index.

B) Yes, on the Technical support option.

C) No, I can only search for a word about the subject matter at hand.

4 If I look for a subject and I cannot find it...

A) I must ask a friend.

B) Ask by a synonym or another word related to the subject.

C) This is not possible, it will surely find a theme related to the word that has been entered.


5 I can access the help from ...

A) Start--> Programs--> System tools--> Help and Support.

B) Start--> Help and Support.

C) Start--> Control panel--> Help and Support.

You can find the answers here.



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