Evaluation Unit 12: System Tools

Choose the correct answer:


1 When a disk fails, one can try to restore it using:

A) The defragmenter.

B) The ScanDisk.

C) It can never be restored.


2 Our system is giving us many problems so we decide to restore the system to a date when it worked properly...

A) A copy of the system cannot be restored unless it is the last day. It only allows you to restore the last copy.

B) A copy of the system cannot be restored.

C) The copy of the system can be restored if the date in question is in the calendar of the Windows Restore System.


3 The formatting option can be found ...

A) Start--> Configuration--> Control panel.

B) Start--> All Programs--> Accessories--> System tools--> Format

C) In the shortcut menu that appears by right clicking on the item you have the Format option.


4 One can format ...

A) Any type of storage unit.

B) Floppies only

C) Floppies and hard disks.


5 If a file has a size much larger on the disk than its real size ...

A) This is not possible, the size and the size on the disk is always the same.

B) This difference can be changed by using the defragmenter.

C) The difference is reduced by moving the file to another folder.

6 Why do we need to defragment the disk?

A) To save disk space.

B) To delete the files that are not used.

C) So that the access to the disk is faster.

D) Both A and C.


7 The tool to free disk space...

A) ... deletes the temp files that are not used.

B) ... empties the Recycle Bin .

C) both A and B.

You can find the answers here.



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