Evaluation Unit 10: Adding hardware

Exercise 1.

Choose the correct option:

1 What is a driver?

A) A program that controls who can use a piece of hardware.

B) An element in the operating system that controls all of the hardware in the computer.

C) A file that by installing it in the operating system allows a piece of hardware to function properly.


2 What is Plug&Play hardware?

A) Hardware that allows the operating system to detect it automatically.

B) Hardware that can be plugged in without turning off the computer.

C) Hardware that has its own driver and does not need the operating system to function.


3 When should we use the assistant to install hardware?

A) When the operating system does not recognize the hardware.

B) When the operating system does not recognize the hardware and we do not have the CD with the drivers.

C) Every time we have to install new hardware.


2 What can I do if a piece of hardware stops working?

A) Call technical support.

B) Uninstall it and reinstall it.

C) Before the two options above check the state of the piece of hardware with the option Performance and Maintenance from the Control Panel.

You can find the answers here.



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