Exercises Unit 4: The Windows Explorer

Exercise 1: Create a folder structure

1 Create the following folder structure.

My folder can be create in any unit you wish.

Exercise 2: Deleting Folders or files


1 Create a word document named nom 221 and save it on folder Ex 22

2 Create a word document named nom 222 and save it on folder Ex 22

3 Delete the document nom 222

4 Delete the folder Ex 21.

Exercixe 3: Copy and Move folders or files


1 Copy the document nom 221 to the folder Exercise 2

2 Move the entire folder Exercise 2 to the folder Exercise 1

Exercise 4: Having several copies of a file in a folder

1 Create the following folder structure.

This directory can be done in any unit you wish; it does not have to be D.

2 In the folder Access2000 create two documents named document1 y document2.

3 Once created, try to copy document1 two times in the folder Excel2000 and name them doc1 y doc11.

Exercise 5: Searching for the last file created

1 Open the Windows explorer, select a folder, and search for the last one created.


Exercise 6: Organizing Folders

1 Add to folder Ex 22 the following files in the following order.







2 Once created organize them by Name

If you are not clear on what you need to do, here we can help you.


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