Exercises Unit 3 : The Desktop.

Exercise 1: Shortcut to the calculator

Place the mouse on the desktop and try to create a Shortcut to the calculator giving it the name My Calculator.

The calculator is called calc.exe and it is found in c:\windows\System32.

It can happen that the calculator in your computer is not in the same directory, soyou may need to look for it.

If for any reason you cannot find this file you can create the Shortcut for something else you like.

Exercise 2: Changing the time


1 Change the time of your clock to 12:12:12, in case it coincides with the actual time, make up another time.

2 Change the month to October.

3 Change the day to 14.

4 Change the year to 2005.

5 Select as time zone the one for Cairo.

6 Allow it to change the time according the summer schedule.

7 After this exercise, check the changes and restore the right time and date.


Exercise 3: Adding Tool Bar


1 Add the tool bar for Quick start.

2 Add the tool bar for Desktop.

Remove the tool bar for Desktop.

4 Try to add another one. If it is helpful, keep it.

If you are not clear on what you need to do, here we can help you.

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