Exercise. Unit 5. Searching for People



To practice searching for a person in the address book.

Step by step exercise.


Before looking for a person in the address book we need to add the contact because it is possible that we do not have it. To do this follow these steps.

1 Click Start.

2 Open the All programs menu and click on Accessories.

3 Select the option Address book.

4 Click on File and select New Contact.

5 Fill in the boxes with one friend's information.

6 Once these boxes have been filled in, Click OK.

To search for the name in the address book:

1 Click Start.

2 Display the Search menu and select the option Computers or People.

3 Select People in the address book

4 In the name box put your friend's name

5 In the e-mail box his email address

6 Click Search now to begin the search.

7 Once the list is displayed, select the contact and click Properties; change the phone number.

8 Once it has been changed, Click OK.

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