Exercise. Unit 5. Searching for Files or Folders



To practice finding information that you do not know were it is stored.


Step by step exercise.


Searching for a file or folder in the hard disk.

1 Click on Start.

2 Display the Search menu and select the option All files and folders.

3 Write the name calc in All or part of the file name: box.

4 On Look in select the C drive.

5 Click on Search to start the search.

6 On the window to the right, the calculator will appear, as well as other files and folders. If the calculator does not appear, do not worry because it is possible that you do not have it installed. So search another name.

Start a new search. We will use variables. Click Start a new search.

1 On the All or part of the file name: box write calc*; this way only the files that start with calc will appear.

2 Then try writing cal?.exe to see the difference for yourself.

Do a search personalizing it by indicating dates and types of files. Click Start a new search.

1 Open the option When was it modified?

2 Select the box Within the last week.

3 Open the open More advanced options.

4 Click on Type of file.

5 Search for and select the row Microsof Word document

6 Click on Search to begin.

7 If there is a file that meets these criteria it will appear in the window to the right.

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