Exercise. Unit 4. Copying and Moving folders



To practice how to copy and move the information stored in the hard disk.


Step by step exercise.


1 Click on Start.

2 Display the All programs menu and select the Accessories option.

3 Select the Windows Explorer.

4 Double-click on the folder My documents.

5 Select the folder My Music from the window to the right.

6 Click on the copy button or Edit --> Copy to Folder...

7 A new window will be displayed

8 Select unit C and click on New Folder.

9 Name it Temporary

10 Then double-click on it to select it.

11 Click OK

Once copied, move it to another folder on the C drive, which you can name Moving exercise.

12 Double-click on the temporary folder and select the folder My Music that appears on the window to the right.

13 Click on . When the window Search Folder opens, click on New Folder

14 Open the folder Moving exercise from the C drive and click on any part of the window so that the changes are executed, then click on it.

15 Click OK


This can also be done to move or copy Files.

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