Exercise. Unit 4. Creating and Deleting Folders



To practice how to organize the information in folders.


Step by step exercise.


1 Click on the Start button.

2 Display the All programs menu and click on Accessories.

3 Select Windows Explorer.

4 Place the pointer on My documents.

5 Select New from the menu File.

7 Select Folder.

8 Once the folder option has been selected you will see that on the right window a new folder will appear that has the name New Folder and that it is selected. Rename it My folder.

9 Once the name has been changed, select the folder by clicking on it, and within it create another folder and name it Exercise pp. To create this folder you need to follow steps 5 through 8 that have been discussed above.

10 Then select the folder again and delete it by clicking

11 When it asks you if you want to send the folder to the Recycle Bin click Yes.


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