Exercise. Unit 10. Installing hardware for Windows XP



To practice installing hardware for Windows XP.

Step by step exercise.


In this exercise we will see how to install a mouse with a USB cable.

1 Without turning the computer off, connect the mouse´s USB cable with the appropriate port behind the CPU of your computer.

2 Observe how Windows detects the mouse and proceeds with its intallation; if it has the corresponding driver it will install it automatically, if it does not it will ask for the CD from the manufacturer.

3 Once Windows has finished the installation we can check that everything is ok. From the Start menu go to the Control panel.

4 Double-click on Performance and maintenance.

5 Click on See basic information about your computer.

6 On the System properties window click on Hardware

7 Click on Device manager.

6 Click on Mice and other pointing devices.

7 Make sure that the model of the mouse that you just installed is there and that it does not have a yellow question mark; this means everything is fine.


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