Unit 15. Basic. Windows Help.Technical Support (II)

Getting help from Microsoft.

If you click on Get help from Microsoft on the main help screen, the operating system will try to connect with Microsoft and the following window will appear.

Basically you can ask Microsoft for help or see previous inquiries through this system.

We also have other options to update the contact information; go to the Passport web site and other support options.



Go to a Windows Newsgroups

The last option to ask others for help is by visiting a Windows Web site forum. As you already know a forum is a web site where participants can ask questions so that others can answer them.

They are free and are based on the good will of the people that answer the questions as a thank you for having had a question answered previously. For this reason Windows is not responsible for the accuracy of the answers.

If you click on Go to a Windows Newsgroups from the main help screen, a screen will appear for you to choose the particular room that you wish to see.

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