Unit 15. Basic. Windows Help. Technical Support(I)

Technical Support


To access help click Help and technical support from the start menu.

To access the technical support click on from the help bar.


The technical support window will appear as shown below.

On the left side we have the help options.

1) Ask a friend to help.

2) Get help from Microsoft.

3) Go to a Windows Web site forum.


Let's look at these one by one.

Ask a friend.

If you have a friend that has Internet connection and Windows XP you can ask for his help through this screen

Here we have two options, the first one is to invite someone so he can help you, as we shall see next, and the second option is that you have already contacted someone and it will let you see the progress of that contact.


To connect with a person you must click on the line that says Invite someone to help you, and Windows will show you a screen like the one below.

You can use two methods to communicate with another person.

1) Windows Messenger.

Through this program of instant messaging you can establish a conversation or Chat in real time with the other individuals. The program will show you the contacts that are connected at that time and the ones that are not. By clicking on a name from the list a window will open so that you can begin the conversation. By writing your message and pressing enter your message will reach the other person instantly. This method is much more effective than email to solve a problem. You obviously need to know someone who can help you.

2) Email

This option allows you to use email to contact, through Outlook, the person you are asking for help.

As you can see these two systems are not particular to this screen and you can use them without having to get here. You simply need to have Windows Messenger or Outlook Express and start them from their original location.

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