Unit 9. Advanced. Uninstalling programs

On this page we will see how to uninstall programs when the process is done by Windows. There are other instances when an uninstallation program will begin that is specific to the program.

When deleting a program, Windows shows us a window like this one showing us the programs to be deleted.


Windows tries to delete all of the files of the program that we want to delete, so sometimes a screen appears where Windows asks us if we want to delete shared files.

The shared files can be used by various programs, and this is why the file may no longer be necessary for the program that we are deleting, but is necessary for another program. For now, the smartest thing to do is to not delete shared files.

Answer no to everything on this screen.


When the process of deleting all the components of the program is finishing Windows shows us a window that informs us that the process is finished and that there could have remained a few undeleted shared files .

If we want to delete these files, we need to do it ourselves from the Windows Explorer. This is a complicated task since it is hard to know if a shared file will be necessary or not.

As we install and uninstall programs it is possible that we may be leaving shared files that are not used for anything. This is something we need to keep in mind when installing or uninstalling a program, since sometimes we install programs we never use.

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