Unit 7. Advanced. Advanced screen options

The advanced screen options allow us to modify some features of the screen that are not usually modified, but are important regardless.


The Monitor tab tells us the Monitor type that we have installed. If we click on Properties we will see more properties of the monitor and we can access assistance to solve problems.

On the Monitor settings we can select the frequency with which the screen will be actualized. There is a list from which a frequency can be selected.

The frequency of the screen indicates the times that the screen is shown on the monitor during a second. For example, a frequency of 75 Hertz means that in one second the screen is shown 75 times. This is because on a screen each point on it, or pixel, stays active only for a very brief moment and it is necessary to keep reactivating it so it does not give the sensation of blinking.

This is why this feature is important. The higher the frequency of actualization the higher the quality of the image.

The maximum value depends on the monitor. It is not recomended to place a value higher than the value recomended because the monitor could be damaged.

This is why there is a box that hides the options that could damage the monitor.

Remember to verify the value of the frequency after changing the resolution of the screen since Windows does not reinstate the original value if the resolution gets turned down and then back up again.


On the Adapter tab we can see the type and model of the adapter on the screen.

If we click on Properties we'll see more screen properties and we can access the problem solver assistant, we can also change or update the adaptor's driver.

The screen adaptor is also known as the graphic card. The adaptor is very important when graphics are presented on the screen. The adaptors have a graphic processor that generates the images; the more powerful the processor is, the better our images will be. The amount of memory on the adapter also affects the quality of the image.

The quality of the adapter should coincide with the quality of the monitor. It is useless to have a good monitor if we do not have a good adapter and viceversa.


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