Unit 4. Advanced. Modifying types of files

When we click on a .doc file Word is automatically opened with the document. This is because the system knows which application needs to open with files that the name ends in .doc. Here we will see where this information is and how to change it.

For this we need to select Tools from the menu folder options; by selecting File Types the next window will appear.

To modify the program with which predetermined files will be opened follow these steps:

1) Select the extension you wish to modify.

2) Click Change...

3) Find the program with which you want to open these type of extensions with.

4) Click OK.

5) Close the window Folder options and click on OK if you want the changes to take place.


To add a file:

1) Click on New

2) Enter the extension of the type of file.

3) Click on advanced options and select the Program with which the file that you just entered will open.


To delete a file:

1) Select the extension to delete.

2) Click Delete

3) If it asks you if you are sure you want to delete the extension click Yes.

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