Unit 4. Advanced. Sharing a Folder

Sharing a folder means allowing the users of other computers to access determined information within a network. Sharing applies to folders and not to files. By sharing a folder we are sharing the information within that folder.

Sharing information has great advantages since we do not have to copy the information for each computer that is going to work with it. Also, it allows several people to work on the same file mantaining it up to date.
Sharing information avoids having to copy information on to a disk, CD, or any other component in order to be able to move information, since this can be done through the web without having to leave our computer.

Sharing information also has disadvantages. If we do not control the information that is shared and what we authorize the other users to do with it, we can find the information deleted, modified, or even damaged.

To share a folder you need to follow these steps:

Select the folder that you wish to share with the right button of your mouse.

Select Sharing and Security....


Select Properties.

Click on the tab Sharing.


Select Share this folder on the network.

Asign the name under which the folder is to be shared. You can also add a comment.

If you mark Allow network users to change my files.

You allow to modify any file or folder within it.
Having permission to write means that one can also modify or delete information. So this permit is dangerous because an user can read, modify, and delete the information stored on the folder.

If your system is configured with a firewall that keeps you from sharing resources a screen will appear, like the one shown here, that allows you to start the Network Setup Wizard allowing the sharing of resources.

You can also move the folder to the Shared documents and this way allow all the users to access the information.

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