Unit 2. Advanced. Closing Windows

Windows allows us to close windows in several ways.

With the mouse. Clicking on the located on the upper right hand corner.

Through the menu. Opening the menu File and selecting the option Close or Exit. Close closes the active window, whereas Exit closes the entire application.

With the keyboard. With the keys Alt + F4 we can close the windows one by one. If there are no windows opened, it will ask us if we want to shut the system down.

When you close a document that has been modified the system will ask if you would like to save the changes.

Yes. Saves the changes and then closes the application.

No. Closes the application without saving the changes.

Cancel. Returns to the previous screen, does not save the changes and does not close the application.


Closing a group. If there are several windows of the same program open, for example, several windows of Internet Explorer or Microsoft Word, and they do not fit the task bar, WindowsXP puts them in a group. We can close them by right clicking on the corresponding icon on the task bar. This will cause a window like the one shown here to appear, and we simply click on Close group.

If there remains any element of the group that has not been saved, WindowsXP will ask if you wish to save changes before closing.

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