Unit 13. Advanced. Programming a task (II)

On this screen we need to indicate with more detail when we want to execute the task, according to what we have selected on the past screen, and we will have to give some information.

For example, since we chose weekly, now we need to decide at what time, how many weeks, and which day of the week.

Click Next.



As we already know, WindowsXP needs to know the user that begins each session. On this screen we need to provide the user under which the task will be executed.

The selected user has to have authorization to execute the programmed task.

After adding the user and password click Next.

Once the process has been completed the assistant will show this screen with the information that has been entered.

If we agree, click Finish and we would have finished the process of creating a programmed task.

If we want to see or modify the properties of the task that we have created, check the box Open advanced properties... and the window that you can see on Customizing a task on this unit will appear.




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