Unit 13. Advanced. Programming a task

To add a task open the Start menu and select the option All programs.

Now click on Accesories, System options, and Scheduled tasks and on the window that will open Add Scheduled Task; the assistant will start and a window like this one will appear.

Click Next to begin to choose the program that we want to execute at a specific determined time.



On this list you should look for the task you want to program.

If you do not find it click on Browse to look in the hard disk.

Once the task has been selected click Next.


Here you need to name the task that you are creating. The easiest way is to leave the name of the program to be executed and that appears by default, but you can modify or change it.

Next you have to choose the frequency with which the programmed task is to be executed, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

We select, for example, weekly and click Next to continue.


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