Unit 12. Advanced. Freeing space on the disk

Other ways of freeing space on the disk include:

Modify the components installed in Windows. When the operating system is installed we choose the components that are to be installed, but it is possible to choose components that are not used and which are therefore taking up unnecessary space.
To eliminate components that have been installed with Windows, select the option Windows Components and click Free; the window that opens will show the components of Windows. The ones that are installed are marked. To uninstall a component you simply need to deselect it.
If you have a question about this option, refer to the page Adding components of WindowsXP in Unit 8.

Modify the programs already installed.
This option is used to uninstall programs or modify the options on some of them.
To execute this option simply click on Free on the option Installed programs.
If you have any questions regarding this option, consult the first point in Unit 8.


The final option consists in reducing space; this is reserved for the option Restore system.
Click on free on System restore; a window will open asking if you want to liberate everything except for the last restoring point.

Before reducing the size reserved to restore the system or eliminating components for the installation of WindowsXP we advise you to review the programs that you have installed because it is frequent to find programs installed that are not used or useful. When uninstalling programs that are not used, we free up space on the hard disk.
When we eliminate a lot of information and/or many installed programs, it is recommended to use the disk defragmenter or defrag; in this way we regroup the information and optimize the performance of the operating system.



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