Unit 11. Advanced. lnstalling a printer (II)

On this screen we have to indicate from where we are going to install the printer´s software, also known as the programs. We have three options; from the list, Windows Update, and use disk.

If we have the disks from the manufacturer, the first option that we should try is Have disk... because the programs that the manufacturer has given should be the appropriate ones. By clicking this option the assistant will ask us to introduce the CD and the programs will download.

If we do not have the disks from the manufacturer we will need to find the manufacturer and the appropriate model on the list that is on the screen.

Lastly, if the printer does not appear on the list we can use the button Windows Update to find the suitable program on the Internet.

Once this process is completed this screen will appear to give the name of the printer and to allow us to decide if we want it to be the predetermined printer.

If we have several printers and something is to be printed it will, by default, be printed by the default printer unless otherwise directed.

Click on Next to continue.


On this window we can have the printer print a test page.

If the test page is completed we can verify if the printer has been installed correctly.

Click on Next.


On this screen we will select the model of hardware that we want to install, click on Next, and if everything is progressing correctly, the finalize screen will appear, as shown at the bottom of the page.

This is the screen that indicates that the process has finalized; it also shows the details of the instalation.

To exit the assitant click Finish.



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