Unit 11. Advanced. lnstalling a printer

To add a printer open the Start menu and select the option Printers and fax.

Now, click on Add printer and a screen like this one will appear.

This is the first screen of the add printer wizard.

As we have already mentioned, if you have a Plug&Play printer it will not be necessary to do this process. It will install automatically.

Click Next to begin installing the printer.



The first thing that the assistant will ask is if the printer is plugged directly to your computer (local printer) or if it is on the web. If it is local you can check the box Automatically detect and install my Plug and Play printer.

Click Next.


The assistant searches for a new printer.

Normally this screen will appear telling us that it has not found anything new. As we have already explained, if the program were Plug&Play the system would have detected it before starting the assistant, once the equipment were connected.

Since we want to connect it manually we click Next.


On this screen we have to indicate the port through which we want to connect the printer.

The port is the way for the printer to communicate with the operating system.

Usually, if the printer is physically connected to the computer with a connection like the one shown, it is connected to the port LPT1.

Select the port and click Next.

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