Unit 10. Advanced. Windows Update. Drivers

In the advanced unit Windows Updade of unit 9 we learned how to update WindowsXP through Windows Update. Now we will see how to update the programs through Windows Update.

These are two very similar processes, so we will only describe the programs screen, because of the fact that the process is similar to the one shown in unit 9 advanced. If there are any doubts or questions, we recommend you review this unit.

Once having started Windows Update from the Control Panel, the first thing we can do is allow Windows to show us the available updates, click on Find Updates on the initial screen of Windows Update and a screen will appear with all available updates.

On this screen we will select the type of updates that we want to look at. To do this we have to select one of the updates shown on the panel to the left, Critical updates, Windows XP, or Driver updates.

In our case we will click on Driver updates.

Windows will start the search on Internet; this process can take a few minutes. Once the search is completed, Windows will show us a screen, where the available driver updates are shown.


The manufacturer of the driver is shown on a line with a dark blue background. Next is the name of the driver, the version and/or date, and the size of the program. If you choose to install any of the programs click on Add. Once you have added all of the programs you want to install, click on the line on the right hand side that says Review and install updates. Next, since we will procede to modify or install a component of Windows, in some cases a message will appear so that we accept a licence contract from the manufacturer.

From that moment on, the selected programs will be installed and a screen will come up informing us of the final result of the process. For the installation to be completed we must restart the computer.


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