Unit 10. Advanced. Connecting a camara.

To connect a digital camera select the option Control Panel from the Start button and click on Printers and other hardware, next click on Scanners and cameras and you will see this image.

Next click on Add an image device and the installation assistant will start.


This is the first screen of the assistant that indicates if the camera is Plug&Play. Windows will detect it automatically, if it is Plug&Play, it will not be necessary to use the assistant. If this is not the case, click on Next to continue.

On this screen we will select the manufacturer and the model of the camera that we want to install. Following that, we can click on Next. If we do not find the exact model we have the possibility of using the disks provided by the manufacturer, clicking on Have disk...


Now we have to select the port to which we have connected the camara or select the option automatic port detection so that Windows will look for a plug-in port.

On this screen we need to name the program and click on Next.


If everything is proceeding correctly, a screen that indicates that the process has finalized will appear. To exit the assistant click Finish.



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